Wall Mount Rack

Wall Mount Rack Series for Small Networking, CCTV, Audio Video, Telecom & lab application. This series used for horizontal segments where a reduced amount of U height is required. Racks manufactured out of steel sheet punched, formed, welded and Powder coated with Hi Tech Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure highest quality product.

Floor Standing Network Racks

Floor Standing Network Racks is an exquisite design for Networking, Servers, Cable TV, Audio Video, Telecom, Tower Server & lab application. Racks manufactured with highest quality standards under stringent Hi Tech Manufacturing & Quality management. Available from 17U to 42U variants with 600mm depth configurations. 

Heavy Floor Standing Server Racks

Heavy Floor Standing Server Racks are enhanced models for Server, Data Center, Lab Applications & High Density usages. Designed modularity allows flexibility in field applications. Available in sizes of 27U, 37U & 42U these models have larger depths Highly modular and robust these are used to accommodate various kinds of all possible servers.

Open Racks

Open Racks are firm NOAR -2 post series racks for networking labs and data centers where high density data cables are required. These Open Racks are manufactured with a rigid aluminum silhouette for maintaining the quality and standards of the product. The aluminum rack frame will be installed in a standard configuration of post 2.